• I have been developing a six-week course for new game programmers. It starts with basics, like variables and printing “Hello World”. By the end of the course, the student will be able to make a simple arcade game. The course’s language is Python, and the graphic library is Pygame.

    2013-12-23 UPDATE: I’ve been reading up on video game history, and got inspired to make a little pong clone with python and pygame. It is about as basic as pong can be, but it is human readable, loaded with comments and it works. It is two-player only, the left paddle is controlled with the W and S keys, and the right paddle is controlled with the up and down arrows.

    Here is the weekly outline of the course:

    Week 1:

    • Python / Pygame
    • Hello World
    • comments
    • Variables
    • if

    Week 2:

    • Functions
    • Lists
    • For Loops
    • While Loops

    Week 3:

    • Opening the screen
    • Draw a rectangle
    • Load an image
    • Blit to the screen

    Week 4:

    • Get input
    • Use input to move stuff
    • Movement Vectors
    • Check rectangles intersecting

    Week 5:

    • Create/destroy bricks
    • move paddle
    • move ball
    • lose/reset

    Week 6:

    • Add Sound
    • Add Fonts

    Here’s a flyer for private lessons:

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