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    What was that? You want a multiplayer old school text adventure game? Your wish has been granted!

    If you played a MUD back in the day, your character is probably long gone now. I wrote this open source mud server so I could play a mud and keep my own saved character files. I wrote it in python so that it would be really easy to edit. I have some challenges for you newbie developers out there:

    DESIGNER CHALLENGE: There are built in tools that allow you to edit and create rooms, items, and monsters/npcs (no coding required)
    CODER/DESIGNER CHALLENGE: Right now, you can gain levels but you can’t pick a race or class. Can you code this into the game? Can you come up with cool races and classes with distinct abilities?
    CODE CHALLENGE: The gold system needs some tweaking… you can get and spend gold, but you can’t drop gold… it’s not a real item in the game yet. Can you make a new item class for gold, where it has a quantity, and edit the “get” command so that players can specify a number of coins to get?
    ARTIST CHALLENGE: There’s not much for visual art in this text game, but there could be more. I used ANSI escape sequences to color the dragon at the login screen. See if you can make more images.
    FUN CHALLENGE: The socials contain some funny and gross content. If you can think of more social commands, add them in. The game will automatically add them to the list of social commands displayed in the game.

    Please hack away with it. If you send me cool mods or levels, I will post them here.

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