• Here are the games I have released:

    coffin_crooks_0Coffin Crooks


    This game started as a submission for the 7 day rogue-like game jam. It is being polished and expanded. William Kinrade is the artist for this project.



    meet_meat_01Meet Meet on the Street


    This super-hard platformer was created for the 2014 Cyberpunk Game Jam hosted by William Kinrade provided the art.




    Warp Juggler


    This is a frantic twitch arcade game that has been released for Android on Google Play.


    poobox1Super Pooper


    Pooper is a small cryptozoological creature who aspires to be a super hero. Use your noxious gas, reflexes, and wits to conquer the puzzles.






    This is an old-fashioned MUD… a text-based multi-player role playing game. It is open source, and coded in Python.


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