• seth_pillsburyI’m Seth Pillsbury, and I am an independent video game developer from Maine.

    My mission is to make games that balance meaningful thinking with blissful enjoyment.

    To me, making games and understanding my computer are important spiritual pursuits, so I spend/have spent tons of time studying C, C++, SDL, Linux, Python, Pygame, vi/vim, gimp, PHP, sqlite, etc…


    Game GenieI started playing video games as a little kid when my dad bought a used Atari 2600. My fascination with the Space Invaders and Asteroids was only matched by my clumsiness with the controls, but I was hooked. When we got a Nintendo, we also got a Game Genie. Although this didn’t help me get any better at games, it did make me start to think about how games were made. I figured out some new Game Genie codes for Super Mario 3. Fast forward to 6th grade, my mom got an IBM Aptiva with Windows 95, and I started tooling around with Diablo and Warcraft II. I loved using the Warcraft II map editor… I started making elaborate maps, and having trippy dreams at night about extra levels and secret units.

    cpp_24_hrsI wanted to know more, I was very hungry for knowledge about making games. Did you have to write everything out in 1s and 0s? My cousin Derrick told me they use programming languages like C++ to make the games. I unloaded the next $15 I could find on the book “Learn C++ in 24 hours”. After about 24 days of coding and segmentation-faulting, I realized that there wasn’t anything in the entire book that covered graphics or sound. Still, I learned alot in the process.


    Fast forward to 2008. I had completed a music degree, and I noticed that the diploma had fold marks for easy conversion into a fast food employee hat. I started taking Computer Information Systems courses. Having a background in coding was very helpful, and I spent long hours inside and outside class writing little programs. The Visual Basic class was kind of funny, in retrospect. I slacked off on a few assignments and made a graphical Tic-Tac-Toe game.

    Masters_of_doom-Book_coverAfter college, I found work as a Linux server administrator. I learned as much as I could every single day. My boss lent me a book that one of his college buddies wrote: “Masters of Doom”. I read the book quickly and vigorously, and got back in touch with the little kid inside of me who had to put off video games for boring stuff like bills. I put in my notice at the fancy job, and retreated to my cabin to make games. It feels good to be doing what makes me and other people happy.

    You might want to check out some of the games I have made. I spend nearly all of my time coding or hanging out with my fiancé, Mora, and my border collie, Riker. Also, I run the Maine Game Developers group. We meet in Augusta, Maine at the Game On Cafe on the first Saturday of every month.

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