Coffin Crooks

  • Coffin Crooks was originally made in less than a week, as soon as William Kinrade and I finished Meet Meat on the Street, we started the 7-day-roguelike game jam. There were a few bugs in the game jam version, I patched them up since then. Check it out! This game requires python and pygame.




    4 thoughts on “Coffin Crooks

    1. Salem

      Hello there,
      Thanks for letting me play your game at On Game CafĂ© today, I really liked it a lot and believe it has lots of potwntial . Can’t wait for future updates.

    2. Christopher

      I’ m loving every minute of updated version 1.02.5 of Coffin Crooks! These days its hard to find a new rpg that properly scratches the itch. IF you know what i mean,

      1. Seth Pillsbury

        Thanks, man! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 1.03 is underway right now. I’m adding a high score screen, customizable settings, aaaaaaaaaand hopefully INVENTORY for the next patch! William Kinrade just told me he’s working on a “butt ton” of art assets to share with me this weekend.


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