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Greenlight: Exposure tool

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    This is has become a new motif in my daily routine. Like the repetitive “dah-dah-dah-DUHN” of Beethoven’s 5th symphony, I keep reloading a web page to check how many people have clicked a button to say, “Yes, I would buy Jumpsmith if it were on Steam.” How has this new habit crept into my life?

    2015-02-05  jumpsmith green pipe bullet hell

    Jumpsmith is a difficult-yet-forgiving platformer with truckloads of interweaving mechanics. Level editor features are unlocked by playing through the huge main quest alone, or with friends. You can create expansive worlds with your controller, and swap between testing and editing with a single button. It took many hard, rewarding hours to code the game engine, create pixel art, design 300+ levels, and finish production.

    Animated gif of Jumpsmith level creation

    Animation of level creation

    I first uploaded Jumpsmith to about a month ago, but I consider this to be a starting line, not a finish line. Many people do aggressive marketing long before release, but I think there’s something to be said for having a completed product to sell as soon as you get a customer’s attention.

    Steam’s website is flooded with potential customers. Greenlight submissions get hundreds of views and comments, sometimes within hours or minutes. Most of the games will never get into the Steam store. Knowing this, I think of Greenlight as a tool for exposure, not a golden ticket.

    I've got a Golden Ticket!

    I’ve got a Golden Ticket!

    In less than one week, over 1,300 unique visitors have seen Jumpsmith’s Greenlight page, and it’s yes-vote ratio is 4% better than the average top 50 game. There are “Buy it now” buttons in the trailer and in the description. A scout for saw it, loved it, and featured it on their front page!


    I still hope that Steam choo-choo-chooses Jumpsmith. I’m still many sales away from recovering what I’ve spent on controllers, running my generator, and going to IndieCade East, not to mention what I could have earned at a real I.T. job last year. However, certain opportunites may not have arisen if I had rushed the Greenlight campaign. If I do get the coveted “Your game has been Greenlit!” email, I’ll be able to upload Jumpsmith right away.

    Here’s Jumpsmith on Greenlight:

    Get Jumpsmith now: